How to Order

As Pet Portraits are very personal it is important that I have good communication with the person commissioning an artwork. Email is an excellent way for quick and regular communication, including updates on your portrait and progress photos if you would like them. You can also message me on Facebook, or we can arrange the best way to organise your special painting over the phone.

Do you work from photographs?

I always work from photographs, but do love the opportunity to meet the animal if possible. This can easily be arranged if you live in the Riverland South Australia, or in or around Adelaide, as I often visit family there and could arrange to call in. If you are ever in the Riverland please give me a call to arrange a time to come to my studio, to look at my artwork, and to discuss your requirements.

Most times you will need to provide me with the photos of your animal/s, though I will also take some of my own if able to meet him or her. Photos can be posted to me, or emailed. Any photos you provide will be returned with your completed portrait.

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Which photo/s will you work from?

Please provide several photos if possible, as it will give me the best chance of achieving a good likeness, including the character of the animal, accurate eye colour, fur colour and texture etc. Sometimes photos do not accurately reflect true colour – if you know this is the case please let me know before I start the portrait.

If you have a favourite photo that you would like me to work from please let me know which one – please mark the photos on the back if sending them to me. If you would be happier for me to choose a photo that I feel would make a good reference for a portrait that is fine too. Sometimes in order to get an aesthetically pleasing portrait I will need to work from more than one photo. These things will all be discussed before I start when we liaise about your portrait.

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Do you also paint people?

Not usually! I don’t feel inspired to do classic portraits of people as such, but lately have been inspired to do some very young children, and have enjoyed the process, and am pleased with the finished paintings. ‘Capturing the Moment’ in these paintings is what really appealed to me. My real passion though is animals and birds, and I also love painting flowers.

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How much will a Pet Portrait cost?

Please refer to the Price Guide for Portraits page for an idea of the approx. costs of Pet Portraits of the different standard sizes I usually do. As your painting is unique and an original, you may require a different type/size/shape frame to the ones quoted. Or you may want double-mounting, or other specialised framing. These can certainly be arranged. Pastel is always framed under glass, and the prices quoted are for unframed artworks, with approx framing costs also shown as an additional cost. Special requests for custom framing are likely to incur an additional cost.

All animal paintings will have some minimal background, including shadows, grass or tiles, carpet etc. You may feel it is important to include rather more background than this, substantial gardens or buildings, lots of furniture etc. These will incur additional costs to those quoted on the Price Guide page, depending on the amount of background and detail you would like. We can discuss this when organising your portrait.

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Do Pastel paintings require special handling?

The main thing is to keep your painting either upright or Face-Up at all times. When transporting in a car I either have artworks flat, face-up in the boot, or seat-belted on the back seat, in an upright position, facing the front (thus having a slight backwards lean).

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Will my portrait always arrive framed?

Not necessarily, however it is always best for Pastel artworks to be framed under glass as soon as practical after completion. Pastel is a permanent, fade resistant medium, and I always work on acid-free paper or board, so your painting should last indefinitely, an heirloom that can be passed down through the generations. Packaged securely your framed artwork should arrive safe and unharmed. If however you would prefer to receive your painting unframed I can ensure that it is sandwiched securely between layers of smudge-resistant paper, and stiff cardboard to ensure no smudging of the artwork, or bending during transit. If buying unframed please take your unframed artwork to your framer as soon as possible after receiving it, ensuring that your framer is aware of the special framing requirements for works done in Pastel.

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What if I can’t pick up my painting or you can’t deliver it in person?

I have very successfully used Australia Post, including for interstate deliveries. I use Registered Post, which enables tracking of the parcel, and requires a signature on delivery. If you wish for delivery outside of Australia, or prefer a Courier we can discuss your preferences. Unframed artworks will be packaged flat, as above, secured so as no smudging or bending should occur during transit. Depending on the size of the packaged artwork P&H for most unframed paintings within Australia is likely to be approx. $10 - $20 AU.

Framed artworks will be packaged securely in bubble-wrap, with layers of card protecting the glass. This will then be boxed securely and snugly in cardboard such that there will be no movement of the artwork during transit. Handle with Care, Fragile and This Way UP stickers will be applied to all packages. P&H for most artwork posted this way to a destination within Australia is likely to be $25 -$40 Aus - depending on size and weight of the framed painting. If you are ordering the portrait as a gift, I can post the painting direct to the recipient if you prefer, along with a note/card. If you require Insurance of the artwork during transit – this can be arranged and will incur an additional cost. Please discuss this with me when ordering your painting.

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Do I need to pay a Deposit?

Once you place a firm commission/order I will require a deposit of 30% of the agreed price for the artwork before I will start the painting.

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If I change my mind, will you refund my deposit?

Your deposit can only be refunded in the event of you changing your mind if I haven’t yet started the painting. Once a portrait has been started the deposit will not be refunded.

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How do I pay for my portrait?

I accept PayPal, Direct Deposit or cheque. If organising the portrait in person, then cash is also fine. I always write a receipt for any payment received.

Have you ever had a customer dissatisfied with their portrait?

No. And other than making the occasional very minor adjustments (to say fur-colour) ALL my customers have been extremely happy with their finished commissioned portraits.

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What if I am not satisfied with my portrait?

I am not anticipating this to ever be an issue, as I am unwilling to offer any artwork that I feel does not meet my own stringent standards. In particular when painting a portrait of a particular animal I must be satisfied that there is an extremely good likeness – or you wouldn’t be shown or offered the painting! However, if you are not completely satisfied with the finished portrait I have done for you, and I am unable to make sufficient adjustments to your satisfaction, you will not be required to make the final payment or take delivery of the painting, and any photos you provided will be returned to you.

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What is the turnaround time from ordering till receiving a commissioned artwork?

Most artworks will be completed and delivered within 4 – 6 weeks, depending on my workload at the time. If you have a special ‘rush-order’ requiring a shorter delivery date, please discuss this with me, as I may well be able to do your portrait in a shorter time frame.

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Will you keep me updated on the progress of my portrait?

If you would like progress reports I am very happy to do that, and can email you progress photos. These offer good opportunities for you to mention if you feel any changes need to be made. This may happen if the photos I am working on do not show true fur colour etc.

I am certainly open to requests for changes to be made, and the earlier identified the better chance of having exactly the portrait you want. So when I email you a photo of what I feel is the finished portrait we will both be assured that if you require any adjustments they will only ever be minor ones.

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Who owns the Copyright to the image of my portrait?

As the artist, I retain the copyright to the image of your painting. However I will always contact you if I intend to use your portrait on greeting cards for my own use. Please discuss with me the possibility of you ordering your own custom greeting cards, invitations, key rings, mugs etc, all of which will feature the image of your unique portrait.

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